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BabyYea is your most important resource for home birth and Doula information. On this show you’ll find necessary information about the process of home birthing, from setup and resources to everything you need to know about the process itself.


We combine family-friendly music with talk about home birthing, including interviews and progress updates. BabyYea is designed to integrate seamlessly into your living and plans for a home birth.


We’ll also introduce you to your local Doula. What is a Doula? You might already know, but a Doula is a birthing companion designed to

make the labor process easier on not just the mother, but everyone else involved too.


BabyYea calls on real Doulas for their expertise answering the most common questions about the home birthing process. They will help to talk you through everything, explain how best to be prepared, and address any anxieties you might have.


Check out BabyYea for the best family-friendly music and home birth progress talk and interviews.

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