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Loving Htrz brings you real music for real relationships. Here you’ll find the best of lover’s rock and Chicago Steppin’ from a range of indie musicians. This is indie music curated as motivation for real relationships between real people.   Our radio show is built around the idea that music heals. It heals not only […]

BabyYea is your most important resource for home birth and Doula information. On this show you’ll find necessary information about the process of home birthing, from setup and resources to everything you need to know about the process itself.   We combine family-friendly music with talk about home birthing, including interviews and progress updates. BabyYea […]

The Itopia Project live streams music and talk shows on internet radio. You’ll find a wide range of subjects relating to health and daily living that are perfectly in tune with the problems and decisions we all face.   Importantly, we favor indie music and indie musicians. Here you can watch artists grow through peer-to-peer […]

Healing Htrz features the perfect frequencies for healing the mind, body and soul. Frequency health is built around using the right sounds and frequencies to heal through the power of music. We pick all songs based on these principles, so you can tune in to heal.   Along with information and resources on frequency health, […]

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