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    Explore the therapeutic effects of music and how R&B, Reggae, and World Music artist contributes to emotional well-being and pairing foods that complement it all.

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  • “You’re amazing, talented, and your music shows it. You work so hard and everyone knows it because everyone can feel it in your music. You’re so inspirational, and Thank you for that. “

  • “I love your kind of music. Cheers!
    Michael Paul & Itopia the Band 12/05/23 Greetings James Michael Paul of Itopia The Band you are fantastic much love for your response namaste. ” – James 12/04/23

  • “Still love ya music…still think you’re the best. I’m hoping to hear anything new from you. Happy holidays and hope everything’s good.” – Amandine 11/26/23

  • “Hey, I just want to thank you for your existence. I’m not able to find words for the feeling I have when I listen to your songs. It was pure chance that I have found you on N1M..and I’m so glad about it. Well, keep spreading your music! ” – Geneva 07/16/18

  • “Thank you for all you do more songs please” – Jorge 11/23/23

  • “Hey N1M sent me a link to your page, which was amazing. You have awesome music. I’m going to listen to more of your songs now. Happy Thanksgiving! ” -Barbara 11/23/23

  • “I appreciate the support. Thank you and best regards” – BA-KEM DBS 10/03/23

  • “”Lights on” is a fantastic song people should listen to on n1m. I just shared your page with family.” – Christina 10/20/23

  • ” Hello, am lovin’ the tunes. Keep on doing your thing. ” – Everette 11/13/22

  • “I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to share and recommend my new song. Thank you so much, Michael Paul!!! ” – Ricardo Lassala 10/20/23

  • “Hi there… I’m just slightly upset now because there isn’t a new song every day. PLEASE UPLOAD MORE!!!” -Bella 11/18/23

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Lights On // Lights On
  1. Lights On // Lights On