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18 March 2024
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The Magic of Healing Tones

Greetings Family, Friends and Fans from Itopia the Band and Supreme Living Utox Center (which by the way is one of our  gracious Sponsors) .  The topic today is the Healing vibration of sound and tones of which they call music.We call it magic.

As you might know, there are certain tones that releases positive endorphins  that affect the mind, body and spirit in parts that cannot be verbalized. Yet you will know it when you feel it. This is why music should be used as a positive healing vibration to raise the spirit and calm the mind. There is all kinds of music. Music to distort, agitate and to sadden. The music we are referring to is  music that heals. It is said that fetuses from early conception that is  exposed  to certain healing vibrational tones develop highly positive mental aptitudes. This means a natural ability, tendency, talent, or capability to learn, understand, or acquire a particular skill; mental alertness. For most it is  natural to protect the fetus from harmful foods and chemicals to have a healthy being.

In our day to day appetite for music do we pay attention to what hinders positive development for our children and own mind?  We often do not question the exposure to harmful tones and negative words  in music. If you are what you eat, you are most likely  what you listen to as well. Do we say more on that? Everything in this 3 dimensional exposure is highly vibrational which exist in tones. In the beginning (for a lack of a better expression, in which there is no beginning and no end, only change to begin again)  it was the Word that sets the tone. This is just the beginning of an endless topic of why we should choose only positive vibrational tones to expose ourselves to. We will continue this topic in an ongoing manner for there is much to cover. While we are on the topic of tones, did you know that every plant, bush and seed has a vibration? This is defined as a rapid movement to and fro; an oscillation that can add to or take away positive or negative emotions. The pure extract of a plant, bush or seed has its own song to sing in vibrational tones. They can feel your oscillation and correct it.   We are swimming in a sea of tones in a 3 dimensional soup. Be totally aware of the type and kinds of tones that you are exposing the self to. For every action there is a reaction, for every notion there is a counter-notion. Supreme Living Utox Center specializes in total tonal healing by way of detoxification and replenishing tonal balance. They design personalized tonal healing programs and regimes to protect and strengthen your organs and its immunity to harmful lifestyle choices.  We are sending you Peace, Love and Blissful healthy tones. Check out our sight at


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