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Come receive these galactivations ya love freqs!
18 March 2024
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Welcome to The Itopia Project

The Itopia Project live streams music and talk shows on internet radio. You’ll find a wide range of subjects relating to health and daily living that are perfectly in tune with the problems and decisions we all face.

Importantly, we favor indie music and indie musicians. Here you can watch artists grow through peer-to-peer feedback, reviews, and promotion. It’s a great space for both musicians and fans alike, all curated by the best musical magicians.

The Itopia Project hosts a number of shows, among which you’ll find popular ones such as BabyYea, the Greats 8 Radio, Healing Htrz, and many more. In fact, there’s something for everyone depending on your musical tastes, interests, knowledge and experience.

Check out the Itopia Project for all the latest edu-tainment shows and indie musicians brought together in some of the best internet radio shows and live streams.


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