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Bathe in the love frequencies
18 March 2024
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Welcome to Loving Hrtz

Loving Htrz brings you real music for real relationships. Here you’ll find the best of lover’s rock and Chicago Steppin’ from a range of indie musicians. This is indie music curated as motivation for real relationships between real people.

Our radio show is built around the idea that music heals. It heals not only the mind, but the body and the soul too. Relationships, even strong ones, need healing sometimes, and Loving Htrz is designed to give you the motivation you need to find that healing place.

Sometimes this will be as simple as hearing the right music for a dance together. Well, we’ve got that for you. Other times it might be a bit more in-depth, with music stimulating a conversation that needs to happen to move forward. Well, we’ve got that for you too.

Tune in to Loving Htrz for some magical music specially for healing and continuing relationships.


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